• I really enjoyed  your music, It seemed to come directly from your heart, which is the way I believe music should be played.
    Todd, Burmingham, Alabama 

  • We were so pleased with your soothing yet uplifting steeldrum, RADAR you have been such a pleasure to work with and I will highly recommend you to others! You are very gracious and warm. Thank you for making my husband’s 40th birthday a wonderful success.
    Brenda-Boca Raton.

  • The best steedrum duo I have ever heard, and I heard a lot!   The best of luck to you in the future with your music.
    Carol—Davenport, Florida

  • Thank you so much for a wonderful evening of music, I enjoyed myself greatly as well as my fellow workers.
    Heidi.Palm Beach Florida

  • Hi RADAR it was a wonderful evening, your music added the special touch to our customer event. Magical and Soft to the ear.
    Veronica –Dow Chemical Company

  • Thank you for the wonderful evening of music, we look forward to you being at our next occasion.
    Christopher, Ft Lauderdale

  • Thank you very much for a wonderful evening. Your music kept us dancing all night, I hope to see you  next time I am in Ft Lauderdale.

  • RADAR, You have made our wedding very special, your music is wonderful, all the best.
    Susan & Henry.

  • Fantastic! Really great music, Will see you next year we hope.
    Storage Records Ft Lauderdale

  • RADAR you did a wonderful job! Now that we know you we will be calling you for events.

  • You kept our feet tapping and our hands clapping—thanks for making our party very special. Jean.

  • You made our special day with our family complete. Thanks again for your great music.

  • RADAR thank you from all of us at PC Order for your great music. Hope to see you again, you are the embodiment of joy.

  • Thank you for making the embarkation a party, The group loved you, Gary.
    What a wonderful evening you have created, Thank you for a job well done. Gina

  • RADAR , Thank you for making my son’s communion party such a success, you are great, you made the party a lot of fun!.

  • RADAR, You were great! Thanks so much for making the party  a whole lot of fun. Mary.Very nice music, you are truly a great calypso band.

  • RADAR thank you for a most wonderful evening, your music was and is surpassed by none. I will always remember what a great evening you made for my husband’s 50th birthday supprise party.you made the party, Thank you whole heartedly.

  • RADAR, Great party music. All of my guest were envious of your music, everyone wanted your music,I am sure we will be seeing more of you in the future, Thanks for a great evening of entertainment.

  • RADAR, your performance left me speechless, and that is a herculian task , Great energy, thanks for a wonderful evening of music.
    Miami Beach Family.

  • RADAR, thank you for making the  event special, you are a very talented being,I am sure that your specialness transcends  unto more of your life.

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